Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Harangody Out Until Mid-November

Bamm-Bamm tore a ligament in his right thumb Monday and looks to be out 3 to 6 weeks. Word on the street is that Mike Brey was not too worried when speaking at Dillon Hall last night, mentioning the opportunity to develop another post player down low. Hopefully he can be back for the Paradise Jam on the 16th.

A little off topic, I spoke to a Georgetown grad who's already planning on buying tickets to San Antonio. It would be nice to see the Irish disappoint him at the Joyce, but the only game this year is in D.C.

And Mike Coffey has some insights on how to bolster our Non-Conference schedule. Pretty good stuff, but the schedule's already set. I'd rather focus on staying undefeated until January.

Look's like Joey Harrington's out as starting quarterback for the Falcons, so there's no longer any reason for to care about pro football. I wonder if it was confusing having a Pitino and a Petrino at Louisville last year... nevermind.

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