Saturday, February 13, 2010

St. John's Preview

St. John's-
Pomeroy Ranking- 87th
Record- 13-10 (3-8)
Best Win- Louisville (ranked 38th)
Worst Loss- Rutgers (ranked 156th)
Pomeroy Prediction- ND 75-69

Key Players-
#1 D.J. Kennedy- 15.0 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 34.1% 3PA- Team's leading scorer has been up and down in conference play. Dropped 27 in their loss to Rutgers, but has scored in the single digits in four of the past eight games.
#12 Dwight Hardy- 10.7 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 38.5% 3PA- Streaking shooter has not made a three-pointer in the past three games. He is 0-8 since January 28th.
#23 Paris Horne- 8.2 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 36.4% 3PA- Has seen his minutes and production slashed dramatically this year. He averaged 14.6 points a game a year ago.

Scouting Report-

Struggle shooting the ball as a team.
Rarely make it to the free throw line.
One of the worst foul shooting teams in the country.


Brian said...

Love it, they struggle shooting the ball says the scouting report.
So, St. John's of course goes out and shots 53% including 7 of 11 from three.

Not to mention getting a basket right before half.

Just another night with ND's great defense.

Unknown said...


DJ said...

I wonder who will be the bigger excuse-maker -- our webmaster or Jack Nolan on the radio broadcast. My money's on Jack.

Brian said...

11 of 15 from the line. sometimes we cannot catch breaks. i know our defense is terrible, but man, sometimes catching a break would be nice.

however, i fully expected us to 5-0 over these last 5 games, i would have excepted 4-1, but been mad. 2-3 with losses to st. johns and rutgers is inexcusable.

opponents weaknesses never show again us.

Brian said...

btw, 0-3 against the nyc area schools this year.

Unknown said...

nah i think black and green is done making excuses for this irish team/brey

laphonso ellis was doing the broadcast and he put harangody in the top 5 all time nd basketball players

i would take pat garrity and troy murphy over him

Anonymous said...

2-3 with losses to st. johns and rutgers is inexcusable.

Sure, it would be inexcusable -- if the men's basketball program was held to the same standard as any other program at Notre Dame, or any other program in the Big East. But it's not. If it were, you'd be hearing whispers about Brey being on his way out. Instead, all you hear is cranks like me.

Anonymous said...

In a close game we really have no chance. Brey's time out management and end of game execution is amateurish at best. Not to mention the fact that our players are done by early to mid-February as a result of his substitution patterns. Certainly no contingency for injuries with a 6 man rotation. Watching this team is like watching Groundhog Day - same story year in and year out.

Brendan O'Brien said...

Less then seven months until kickoff.