Sunday, February 28, 2010

Less Than 50/50 Chance Luke Returns for Senior Night

That really is too bad, it's awful to see his career end like this, but I'd hate to mess up the team's flow right now. If the current squad can keep playing the way they are, Luke will come back for the Big East Tourney with a shot at the NCAA's on the line.


Keaton McDonald said...

You know its really really sad about Luke...he is a great player.

I know alot of people cant stand him and believe that he is a plague to this team; however, I would like to disagree.

Luke has done so much for this team. Sure his defense is below average, but that is basketball now-a-days.

The scary thing to me is the fact that now UConn and Marquette have a pretty good scouting report on these guys who are playing for us. Its going to get tougher and tougher for our young guys. I believe we need to split 1-1 our regular season and win 1 or 2 in the BIG EAST tourney....I think we need Luke to do this..

get better soon big guy!!!

keep on rollin irish!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that the thought is out there that the team is better without Luke. This is just not true. Luke has been a great, great player at ND. He has gotten every ounce out of his ability and has put himself in a position to be a professional. I'm very happy with how the team has played the past several games. The style is dictated by the coach - not the player. Remember, Carleton Scott was left on the bench against Rutgers. That's not Luke's fault.

Anonymous said...

I think Luke is our best player but that does not mean Luke isn't a liability at times. As long as he knows his new role will be to only shoot open shots and play some defense, then of course we will be better with Luke in the game. If he continues to play the way he was however, then I really believe we are better without him.

Again, I love Luke, but I don't think its accurate to say we have not been a better basketball team without him on the floor. I hope he understands his new role, meaning he doesn't need to force shots and score 30 points shooting it 50 times. Mostly I blame Brey for not telling Luke this a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I might be able to watch the entire Georgetown game online or if it might re-air on tv? I was out of the country and this sounds like a must see game. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If he ever comes back, please limit the shots to under 10 per game, preferably all from inside 12 feet. The team deferred too much to him when he was healthy, brey failed to reign him in, and as a consequence he put up too many wild ass shots, including that spinning idiocy at the end of the game against rutgers.

Much better spacing now. Plus the added athleticism with Nash & Scott make them more versatile. Sorry big fella, but you should have gone pro after your soph year.