Saturday, December 26, 2009


Congratulations to Marshall University for creating the absolute worst school commercial in the country. Of course, I've now watched different variations of it six times and the little ukulele ditty is now stuck in my head, so who's the fool?

After Marshall/Ohio is over, we do have a couple interesting bowl games on tap today, capped off by USC/BC. Now, that's a tough call on who to support.

West Virginia/Seton Hall is a great basketball option, as well. It's on CBS at 3:30. I will try to get in a Big East preview tomorrow or Monday before the conference slate kicks off in full force Tuesday.

Tomorrow will also be dominated by the NFL, as my Broncos have a chance to clinch a playoff spot at Philly, provided a lot of other things go their way. So enjoy a little more time off from hoops this weekend. The season begins in earnest next week.


Anonymous said...

Notre Dame!!!

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