Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Around the Country

A few days between games for the first time in a while, so I'm at a loss for things to discuss. So... how about that Tiger?

The Big Ten/ACC Challenge ends tonight. If Duke or Florida State can pull out a road win at Wisconsin or OSU, the Midwest will fall for the umpteenth straight time. In other news, Kansas treated a nobody OOC opponent the way you're supposed to, 98-31 drubbing.

And then there's the football coaching search. If the announcement comes in the next two days, my money's on Stoops (even with all the non-denial denials). If this thing comes next week, it'll be Kelly. Longer than that and we're in trouble. Honestly, I like this year's crop of candidates much more than the former employee. Hopefully we'll land the right guy this time.

And about Coach Brey, I'll wait until an NIT bid is locked in before I start calling for his head around here. There's still plenty of basketball to be played (though I definitely understand the frustration... our continued lack of defensive concentration, short bench, and pathetic non-conference scheduling have been magnified by the fact that this team might not be all that great).

For those of you who are ready to make a change, any ideas on a possible replacement? Though I'm not ready to demand his removal, I don't mind throwing a few possible candidates' names out there.


Anonymous said...

That's an easy one - Fran Mcaffery from Siena.

The Zipper said...

I would love to see someone that would bring back the enthusiasm. Pack the house, get the students envolved, know what its like to go to a real college basketball game. Its been twenty years since we have experienced that for a entire season. We need someone SPECIAL!

BlackandGreen said...

I have been a Fran McCaffery fan the last couple of years and still like him, even though Siena has been pretty disappointing so far this year.

Unfortunately, the basketball program isn't going to pull in the kind of big-time hire along the likes of a Meyer, Saban, or even Kelly. Ultimately, however, that enthusiasm will come back with winning. If McCaffery or another guy could make the Irish a perennial Sweet Sixteen contender or better, we would have some special winters in South Bend.