Monday, November 30, 2009

Idaho State Preview

Long Beach State did beat UCLA yesterday... scary that the 49ers might be our best nonconference opponent.

Idaho State is certainly no Long Beach, so we should be ok. The Bengals have gotten pounded by three good teams, beaten a pair of bad ones, and dropped a game at Bradley. Hopefully we're better than Bradley.

#1 Amorrow Morgan is the clear leader of this team, as they return no one else who averaged more than 6.6 points a game last season. He is 6'5", 210lbs. and has scored 17.7 per while playing almost every minute of the Bengals' six contests so far. He displayed a decent three point shot last season, making 35% of his attempts, but is only 5-20 this year. He plays sort of a point forward role and the offense has run through him in the past (3.7 assists in '08-'09).

Juco transfer #2 Broderick Gilchrest will give Morgan more of a traditional point guard to help out in the backcourt. Gilchrest started his collegiate career two seasons ago at Middle Tennessee State, but stopped off last year at Frank Phillips College in Borger, Texas before making his second switch to Idaho State. Like Morgan, Rolando Little, and Sherrod Baldwin, he hails from Memphis. Kind of an weird recruiting hub for a team in the middle of nowhere.

#21 Demetrius Monroe is the only other player who averages more than 20 minutes per game. He is the team's leading rebounder and a very efficient scorer from inside. A bit undersized at just 200 lbs, he may have a little trouble holding off Harangody in the post. Yet another reason for Luke to keep his game inside.


Anonymous said...

I happened to turn on the Mike Brey show coming home from the airport last night. That was the biggest suck up to Swarbrick I have ever heard. After saying we're in great hands landing a new football coach fifteen times he also said I told him I would help in any way possible. Maybe you could recruit a few mid major qb & rb? I cannot see how playing one cupcake after another advances this team going into the bigeast. He said we have a schedule not knowing in advance if Luke would be back or not. Poor excuse!

Anonymous said...

Wow B&G! Edited for saying I think Peoples has been given opportunities because he is from Chicago and Brey didn't want to alienate the Chicago pipeline. Don't be naive B&G.

The Zipper said...

Is it true Ivy Tech S.B. is on next years basketball schedule?

Anonymous said...

Um, anon @2.24, look back a couple of posts, I think your comment is still there.

Anonymous said...

My bad B&G. Peoples performance last night further confirms where he needs to be in the rotation - down on the end of the bench next to the priest.