Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kennesaw State Preview

Congrats to Liberty's Sam Chelanga for taking home the NCAA cross country crown yesterday. This mention is somewhat timely since we played their basketball team Sunday, but also just a lame attempt to give the sport a little extra press.

Another random note. The Irish are currently ranked 104th by Ken Pomeroy, a spot behind Long Beach State. Hmm, interesting...

Ok, on to Kennesaw State. The Owls were 7-22 a year ago and one of the worst teams in Division 1 basketball (ranked 338 out of 344 by Pomeroy). This scheduling is getting comical.

This season, they boast wins over North Greenville and North Georgia. Powerhouses both. They fell to Saint Louis on Sunday, a possible future opponent in the Chicago tournament.

Senior #30 Jon-Michael Nickerson leads the team with 16.3 PPG. He has made 5 of 6 three point attempts, but shot less than 30% outside a year ago. He is tall and quick enough to give Peoples problems on the wing, so we may see more zone tonight.

#2 Markeith Cummings seems to be a pretty talented redshirt freshman. He's another tall and skinny guy (6'7", 210 lbs.) and is the leading rebounder on the squad. 15.7 and 7.7 per contest.

#1 Kurtis Woods and #3 Kelvin McConnell like to let it fly from beyond the arc. McConnell is the more accomplished of the two. His career percentage is close to 40%. Woods was just 31% last season. McConnell and #5 Spencer Dixon split ball-handling responsibilities, averaging 2.7 and 2.3 assists a piece.

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