Sunday, November 26, 2006

Moving On

I loathe USC. Don't like the unis, the bottle blondes, or the annoying dude waving around a sword and flashing a peace sign. Last night's game was terrible, so I will speak little of it. We couldn't get it done, couldn't take advantage of Trojan mistakes, couldn't move the ball from inside the redzone to across the goal line. We lost, fair and square. On to the Sugar Bowl or some other good opportunity to send off Brady with a win.

On to an infinitely more exciting topic... the Lehigh game! Should be a good tuneup for Maryland. I'm sure the players are excited to get into it after a long week of practice. Lehigh (2-5) had a marquee win over perennial powerhouse Cornell and is battle-hardened after a close loss to beast of the Big Sky Portland St. Yeah, it should be exciting for about 10 minutes. I hope it will turn into another good opportunity for Bamm-Bamm and the other freshmen to get quality minutes off the bench. Watch the second half scores. Mike Brey will focus on keeping Lehigh down for 40 minutes and avoid being outscored in the second half as they were against the Citadel. If the team can put together a complete performance, it will bode well for future contests against competitive teams.

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