Monday, November 20, 2006

The Citadel- A Day Later

Good post by Kayo on NDNation. Summing it up, he would like to see a starting lineup consisting of:

  1. McAlarney
  2. Carter
  3. Hillesland
  4. Kurz
  5. Harangody

He agrees with my opinion about Jackson, saying he "makes Chris Thomas look like the world's most judicious point guard." As for Falls, I wish we could make him a better part of the offense. Colin is easily our best pure shooter, but can't get open to save his life. Last night, he threw up a few off-balance shots that a better dribbler could have turned into an open look. With opposing teams having to account for Bam-Bam, the case could be made that Falls will see more open looks this year. However, his playmaking ability is affectively nil and he is best suited for a catch-and-shoot opportunity from a drive by K-Mac or Russell.

Continuing with Falls, he finished with a pedestrian 11 points in 30 minutes last night. Give him 15-20 off the bench and with a hot hand he could match that total. 3 of 10 from the floor, all threes. No need to have a guy like that taking up so much playing time. His defense is touch and go, although he did end up with 7 boards last night. Zach Hillesland is a good replacement for Colin, with 4 boards in 17 minutes and at 6-9 he presents a matchup problem. However, as stated yesterday, Brey will have trouble finding a job for ZH with Falls in the rotation.

Finally, good news for the Irish future. If Falls is taken out of the starting lineup, we only lose one starting senior (Russell Carter) to graduation in '07. Given the way the team is starting to gel around K-Mac (he was the first to congratulate guys on both sides of the floor) we could contend in the Big East as early as next year.

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