Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Michigan/Notre Dame Comparison

This post was e-mailed to me today comparing the Wolverines' plight this season with that of the Irish a year ago. Interesting analysis.

The rest of the college hoops world is watching Jim Calhoun's health closely. He's back on a leave of absence after three bouts of cancer (it is unclear whether the current issue is related or not).

After Texas dropped on Monday, the final unbeaten is Kentucky. The Wildcats are not in action until Saturday. Georgetown/Pitt is a good matchup tonight, but has unfortunately been relegated to ESPNU.


Unknown said...

Speaking of coincidences, the Bears pretty much mirrored Notre Dame this season in football. It was like the Bears got as discouraged as me after an Irish loss...

9/12 ND L 9/13 Bears L
9/19 ND W 9/20 Bears W
9/26 ND W 9/27 Bears W
10/3 ND W 10/4 Bears W
Both had byes this week (eerie)
10/17 ND L 10/18 Bears L
10/24 ND W 10/25 Bears L (exception)
11/7 ND L 11/8 Bears L
11/12 Bears L 11/14 ND L (Bears played on Thursday and put the reverse hex on ND)
11/21 ND L 11/22 Bears L
11/28 ND L 11/29 Bears L

So basically my weekends were either really good or really bad. Both my teams were also mediocre, but at least there's always room on the Indianapolis Manning's bandwagon.

Unknown said...

I forgot to put Halloween massacre of the Cougars on there, followed by the Bears beating up Brady and the Browns.

BlackandGreen said...

Weird. Very weird. Nice catch.