Monday, June 15, 2009

Offseason Posting, Part VI

Decision day for Luke Harangody is tomorrow, his last chance to return to college or stay in the NBA draft. I've tried to stay away from this story as much as possible, because it obviously generates a lot of speculation but very little news. I'd be shocked if Luke made the jump, the same way I have felt during the whole process. He's not guaranteed a first round spot (and the three-year contract that comes with it) and could drop to the mid or low second round. A great college player he remains, and possibly a serviceable pro in the future, but there is very little incentive to leave a year early.

EDIT: He's staying. Smart move by Luke. I think he has some kind of NBA future as a role player, but most likely won't be drafted early enough to merit leaving this year. His stock won't change much next season (teams keyed in on him this year already) and he just might get a little better with his slimmed-down frame. At the very least he'll get his diploma.

Oh, and I called this one. Just sayin'.


Golden Monkey said...

I talked to Dave, he's coming back.....

lucid said...

It's on Brey's twitter from 3:30 today as well.