Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tory Jackson

Our floor general is an upperclassman this season. Following a campaign in which he averaged eight points and five rebounds a game with a 1.85 to 1 assist to turnover ratio, Jackson should blossom into a true team leader this season.

Tory needs to continue to develop his jump shot to add a scoring dimension to his arsenal and keep defenders from playing off of him. With the ability to create off the dribble, Jackson can cause a lot of damage by getting to the basket or dishing to open shooters on the perimeter. His man defense has been very strong since arriving on campus. One downside to his game has been a number of mental errors passing the ball. The talent is all there, he should become a more polished conductor in his junior year.


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the new 3 point line? It shouldn't affect K Mac much, but what about Ayers, Zeller, Jackson and Peoples?

BlackandGreen said...

From all accounts, the team was much improved overall on three point shooting in Ireland. I haven't seen any video, but I assumed that the games were played on international courts. If that was the case, they should already be used to playing in games with something close to the new college length.

Obviously Kyle can hit a three from anywhere. I would be confident in Ayers and Zeller adjusting as well. Tory and Jonathan are bigger question marks if only because they have never been highly touted shooters (though both improved to over 40% in Big East play with limited looks).

Anonymous said...

Hillesland, Harandgody and Scott also all hit several 3's in Ireland with the international line. As Luke said in a recent interview when asked who was going to turn heads this year, he said Zack... apparently he's learned how to shoot over the summer.

I don't think anyone on the team will be affected.

Anonymous said...

sidenote - Zack had a 21 point game in the Ireland series. I was just looking for the footage, but they've taken it down. It was over at the emerald hoops site. They have a few slips still up of Harangody and Kyle.