Thursday, August 14, 2008

Irish in Ireland

The season is finally here (almost). The men's basketball team has landed on the Emerald Isle for a series of preseason games. Should be fun to follow, though the outcomes are not terribly important.

I will keep tabs on the trip and post from time to time. In between, check out Kyle McAlarney's daily diary in the South Bend Tribune.


Unknown said...

Does anyone know if any of the games will be broadcast over the internet?

BlackandGreen said... should have some coverage over the internet, though I don't know how much or what quality. You need to be from Ireland to use the feed or use an Ireland-based proxy.

With the Olympics going on, it will be hard to find any better coverage, live or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they blew them out by 37in the first game. Would love to find a box score ore video feed of the game somewhere... alas my googling has come up with nuthin'.