Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hansbrough Transfers to Notre Dame

In a bit of old news, Ben Hansbrough has decided to leave Mississippi State and restart his career for the Irish. The 6'3" brother of player of the year Tyler, Hansbrough should be a nice addition to the backcourt in two years. He will help out in practice next season as he sits out his required year.

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Sorry about the delay, but I was hoping to pair this post with one about Scott Martin of Purdue. The four star recruit from a year ago has decided to leave the Boilermakers. Odds are on either ND or Valpo. He would be the bigger catch of the two transfers if completed, so I'll postpone my full transfer post until further notice.


South Bend Irish said...

Getting Hansbrough is big. He fills a need at guard that will exist after McAlarney graduates. IN addition, for the 2008-09 season, Hansbrough will help the Irish, immensely, in practice. It should make our guards even tougher.

Scott Martin might be even more important to get for the Irish. We are in big need of big men. martin can help us on the boards. I believe we are in good shape for him. It looks like it comes down to Notre Dame, Valparaiso and Butler.

Anonymous said...

Will Hanbrough have two years with the Irish?

BlackandGreen said...

Hansbrough will have two years remaining provided he stays for a year after graduating (one year to sit out plus two left in eligibility). We have picked up several transfers during Mike Brey's tenure (the latest being Dennis Lattimore), but all have only played one year. I have to believe Hansbrough will be the exception to the rule.