Monday, December 03, 2007

Big East Bloggers Poll

1) Georgetown (17): 272 pts. Hi: 1st. Low: 1st.
2) Louisville: 239 pts. Hi: 2nd. Low: 4th.
3) Marquette: 238 pts. Hi: 2nd. Low: 4th.
4) Pittsburgh: 234 pts. Hi: 2nd. Low: 6th.
5) Villanova: 193 pts. Hi: 4th. Low: 8th.
6) Providence: 181 pts. Hi: 4th. Low: 9th.
7) West Virginia: 160 pts. Hi: 5th. Low: 10th.
8) Connecticut: 155 pts. Hi: 5th. Low: 10th.
9) Syracuse: 151 pts. Hi: 5th. Low: 10th.
10) Seton Hall: 122 pts. Hi: 7th. Low: 12th.
11) Notre Dame: 106 pts. Hi: 8th. Low: 12th.
12) St. John's: 79 pts. Hi: 10th. Low: 16th.
13) South Florida: 55 pts. Hi: 12th. Low: 16th.
14) DePaul: 50 pts. Hi: 11th. Low: 16th.
15) Rutgers: 44 pts. Hi: 13th. Low: 16th.
16) Cincinnati: 33 pts. Hi: 12th. Low: 16th.

Player of the Week: Kyle McAlarney, Notre Dame
Freshman of the Week: Dominique Jones, South Florida

Congratulations to Kyle McAlarney who certainly earned Player of the Week honors. The Irish stay at #11, but gain a few votes. The game tomorrow has the potential to boost their ranking significantly.

Tomorrow is Kansas State at the Garden. Let's hope for a good performance so the Joyce Center record will be set Saturday during a winning streak.

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Anonymous said...

It's always fun to see how the Big East bloggers rank the Conference.

Everything looks in line here...