Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tom Noie on Summer Practice

Feel free to listen to Noie's bit on the squad so far:

He was a guest host on last night's WSBT Weekday Sports Beat.

A couple notes-
  • McAlarney thankfully looks back in synch with the rest of the squad and should pair nicely with Jackson
  • Both Ryan Ayers and Luke Zeller have gotten bigger (not having seen either in person yet this year, I'm hoping Ayers can fill out like a taller Russell Carter... Zeller's worth as a big man can dramatically improve if he adds some weight)
  • As for the freshmen, Ty Nash looks like a solid contender as does Carleton Scott
  • Niether of our two-star recruits, Abromaitis and Proffitt, should see much action if at all this year
  • Five-star potential recruit Tyler Zeller still has ND in the mix, but probably not for much longer... although Matthew Humphrey and Iman Shumpert are possibilities for a shooting guard signing in the freshman class of 2008
  • Also possibility of adding a big man in the spring via transfer

Most of this news is pretty exciting. Hopefully both Nash and Scott will contribute next season. Nash is more likely to break into regular action, but Scott is supposed to have a solid outside shot (may see Ryan Ayers type minutes from last season).

No expectations for this upcoming recruiting season, although I had hoped Zeller would sign. Hopefully I will get a chance to see the players in action and get some better analysis next time.

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